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Please note that In order to adequately exhibit our stonework this website is presented in a wide-screen format.


111 Aspen Airport Business Center, Suite D

Hi, I’m Kris Cooney and I’m The K in The KMJ, our Family Business since 2017.

Whether it be on-line, or in person here at the Stoneworks, I will be your host and will personally see to every detail of your customized shopping experience – from selection to shipping and every point along the way.

If you wish to book a KMJ STONEWORKS Showroom Gallery Tour of your own, one that caters to just you and your group, please fill-out the form below and we can get the ball rolling.

Happily for me, everything you are about to see is all the work of my husband Martin, (the M in The KMJ) who can be often found carving his latest creation upon the banker within his ‘tidy little workshop’, located at the rear of The Stoneworks.

Martin also designed and constructed the every square foot of The Stonework’s interior, including the masonry walls and plinths, along with his compact but productive little “Banker Workshop”, of which he is very proud indeed. Oh, and I was right there alongside of him whenever he needed a helping hand, of which I am very proud! Together we built the gallery workshop of which we had always dreamed.

I myself have always harbored a love for 3-D art of all kinds, but I love it especially when it comes to beautifully carved stonework that bring romance, candlelight, flowers and long, beautiful curves both grand occasions and quiet moments alike. Naturally then, I really do love Martin’s work and cant’ wait to tell you all about it on your in-person or on-line showroom gallery tour.

And so, now that the introductions are through, let’s scroll down and take a look at the finely carved stonework currently displayed for purchase at THE KMJ. And as we go please click on any picture that catches your attention or link that takes you to more detailed information regarding Martin’s work.

Let’s begin with some very stable table display vessels, as never seen before !

Introducing our latest creation: STONE FLIGHTS

As you can see, our new range of both unique – and uniform – STONE FLIGHTS are as versatile, stable and portable as can be. At the moment these sleek little display vessels are still under development, and as Martin perfects all aspects of design and production, I am free to experiment and explore the many and exciting and expanding ideas such nifty little carvings bring to mind. I am sure that each one of us will come up with a myriad of ideas as to what and how to use them, but with the seasons will come new ideas; such as growing two inch plugs of live herbs, fresh microgreens and whatever else suggests itself.

Classic Finish
Rustic Finish
Semi-Rustic Finish

The new range of Uniform STONE FLIGHTS are each 18 inches long and include 5 or 6 holes depending on their design as middle or end pieces. Designed to lay end-to-end in in one flowing 4-inch wide ribbon of stone, these versatile tabletop display vessels weigh -in at around 16 lbs per section, with each FLIGHT easily stored in their standard 20 x 6 x 6 inch shipping box. Meaning that around six feet of display – or two dozen candle/flower holes – may be conveniently stored in 4 boxes that together measure a mere 12 x 12 x 20 inch space – or a foot in width upon the shelf.

Prices range from just $30 for an Individual – meaning one hole, whatever the size – to around $150 for a full-sized Uniform FLIGHT, to $200 to $250 and up for larger, Custom FLIGHTS and SILLS.

And now meet a STONE FLIGHT variant: STONE SILLS

Just as our new STONE FLIGHTS are long and slender – designed to run along the center of a dinner table for instance – our equally new STONE SILLS are intended, as the name suggests, to sit in a (preferably) sunny window, whereby – as with the FLIGHTS – they will display their flowers in spectacular glory; whereas at night they will keep a candle burning in the window as safely and securely as can be.

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These new STONE SILLS are so new in fact – I have three of them to show you on the tour – that there are barely any photos of them as yet. But Martin will get them photographed soon and presented here in the slideshow above. Hopefully the few pictures that we have should at least give you an idea of what they are about.

As with the FLIGHTS these SILLS are a cinch to pick up and move around, allowing you to easily situate them wherever you please and moving them with ease as often as you wish. Prices hover around the $300 mark, depending on the depth and complexity of the design. I will be glad to show you the other two SILLS on your tour. I’ll even weigh them and measure them while I’m at it.

It’s light, it’s portable and Martin carves it for full immersion in the real world.